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bone + yard


  1. A graveyard.
  2. In the context of "games": In the game of dominoes, the pile of upside-down, as-yet-unused pieces.

Extensive Definition

Boneyard, an archaic word used synonymously with 'graveyard', may also refer to:


  • "Boneyard", a character in the Malibu/Marvel Comics publication, Mantra
  • Boneyard (comic) horror themed comic book by Richard Moore.

Film & Television


  • Boneyard, in 'draw games' such as dominoes, refers to the pile of dominoes, (or "bones") from which players replenish their 'hand'
  • "The Boneyard", a "blorple destination" of one of the 17 'Cubes of Foundation', "the fundamental building blocks of the universe" in Infocom and Activision's Zork series computer games
  • Boneyard, the name given to what remained of the city of Los Angeles after a nuclear conflict in Black Isle Studios / Interplay's Fallout computer game, also sometimes mentioned as "L.A. Boneyard" or "Angels' Boneyard".
  • Bone Yard, in Warcraft III, an Undead "building" that creates Frost Wyrms
  • Boneyard, the pseudonym of Scott Rogers, who runs an on-line rumor listing of upcoming Heroclix pieces and the fan-site



  • "Boneyard Shuffle", a 1925 tune by Hoagy Carmichael & Irving Mills
  • Boneyard (XM), a 1980s hard rock channel on XM Satellite Radio
  • Boneyard, an early '90s L.A. glam metal band featuring Chris Van Dahl and Johnny Crypt
  • Boneyard, a Rhode Island band featuring Gail Greenwood
  • Boneyard, a Gibson Les Paul and less expensive Epiphone Custom guitar used by Joe Perry of Aerosmith and designed by his wife. It was presented by her to him as a birthday gift.
  • "Boneyard", a death metal song by Impetigo (band).

Other uses

  • Boneyard, a place for retired planes, automobiles, ships, etc. Commonly used since once an item arrives there, it will usually not leave intact, but will be cannibalized for parts until nothing but scrap metal remains. See the Geography section above for a well-known example.
  • The Boneyard, an area where parents can relax while their children play on slides and "excavate" fossils, at "DinoLand U.S.A.", part of Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida
  • Boneyard, a term used by forest fire fighters and hotshot crews to describe a previously 'burnt over' area where burning logs, unburnt logs, and other fuels from a fire are placed to allow them to extinguish or burn themselves out harmlessly
  • Boneyard, a Mixed Martial Arts Team/School in Taunton, Massachusetts. Fighters include Mike Littlefield, Sean Gannon, Bobby Dias, and Lance Everson.
  • The Boneyard, a popular local bar in Ybor City, Tampa, Florida.
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